BITEC provides large Parking spaces with more than 10,000 sqm. including Accessible parking, expectant and elderly slots serving and accommodating every visitor. BITEC offers paid parking facilities for approximately 5,050 cars including 3,905 indoor and 1,145 outdoor parking spaces.

AIS Serenade Parking
Special for AIS customers with AIS Serenade Reserved Parking service, special reserved parking for AIS Serenade Platinum &Gold customers. More than 70 cars on Basement 1 floor pole N,O,P at BITEC

Park2Go Parking Reservations via “Park2Go” Application more easiest way to park at BITEC

You can save money and time with Park2Go that shows you real-time available BITEC parking spaces. GPS navigation will also guide you to the selected parking lot of your choice. More than 30 cars on Basement 1 floor pole M09-M15 and P45-K45 at BITEC

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