SustainAsia Week 2024

Mark your calendars for SustainAsia Week 2024, a dynamic convergence of key events that will shape the energy landscape and drive positive change. This transformative gathering brings together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts from 55 countries to explore sustainable solutions, transcend tradition, and accelerate our journey toward Carbon Neutrality.

Key Events:

SETA 2024: Dive into cutting-edge advancements in sustainable energy technologies. From solar innovations to energy storage breakthroughs, SETA 2024 promises enlightening discussions and practical insights.

Sustainable Mobility Asia 2024: Explore the intersection of mobility and sustainability. Discover how smart transportation systems, electric vehicles, and green infrastructure can revolutionize urban living.

Solar+Storage Asia 2024: Unleash the power of the sun! Learn about integrated solar solutions and efficient energy storage methods that empower communities and businesses alike.

FTI Energy Expo and 4th Asia CCU Network Forum: Connect with thought leaders and policymakers. These forums delve into decarbonization strategies, circular economy models, and collaborative efforts to combat climate change.

Dates and Venue :

Date : 15th -17th Aug 2024 

Time : 9:00am. – 18:00pm.

Venue : EH 100

Why Attend?

Global Impact : SustainAsia Week transcends borders, fostering international collaboration. Be part of a global movement toward sustainability.

Innovation : Discover groundbreaking technologies, policies, and practices that redefine our energy future.

Networking : Engage with like-minded individuals, forge partnerships, and ignite change.

Inspiration : Join us in shaping a cleaner, greener world—one where tradition meets innovation.

For detailed information, visit SustainAsia Week’s official website. Don’t miss this must-attend event—it’s time to create a brighter tomorrow!

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